Well, now I am 48 years young, times flies when You are having fun!! My kids are both out of high school, my daughter is getting married next year. It seems like just yesterday they were babies. I have found it easier to think about the things i have always believed in and am getting more focused in how i want to direct this website.

I do get alot of letters from people that want to submit to this site or at least have a question or two for me to answer. I have said this before on this website, but will say it again, I do not post anything about the "melonheads" in Kirtland, Ohio. If you want to read that rubbish you can check out many other sites on the internet. In fact CreepyCleveland has many stories on his site. I guess it makes for good stories, but i have more respect for the poor people who have to deal with a bunch of crazy kids out looking for melonheads on a hot summer night. The area is not as rural as it once was and these people deserve to be left in peace.

Other than that, i will entertain any stories you send me. I won't vouch for them as being true, unless i go and physically investigate the area. If they are not irrisponsible, then i will print them.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely interested in Ghoulies and Ghosties and things that go bump in the night. I am also a Halloween freak! So, that is the story and the history!

My Goals
My basic goals with this site are the same as with my old site. I want a safe, respectful place for people to come and exchange views and ideas on various aspects of the supernatural, ghosts, psychics, anything. If I can't answer a question for you about a subject, I'll gladly try to find the answer for you, or send you in the right direction. Also, I think that we are all able to help one another, so if you want, I can pose a question on the site to see what kinds of answers we can get. This can be your site too. It can be like homebase. I enjoy getting to know you, and I have so far had no problem answering all email from you.