Ghost Stories

True Ghost Stories


This first story was sent by Ann Elsern who lives somewhere in Montana. Ann writes that her family's log cabin has been haunted by someone or something since it was built in 1993. They think it may be a Native American , but are not really sure. They live in an area where at one time there were quite a few indians,but as time marched on it became more and more inhabited by more modern day people who were looking for a place of peace to live and work. they have asked around to see if any neighbors had strange happenings, but either they don't or won't say if they do. they are not too troubled by the spirit, but it has a habit of unlatching and leaving wide open their doors to the outside. this happens primarily in the winter. they go to bed all safe and warm and wake up freezing and with the doors wide open. If anyone has any ideas about this and how to stop it, please email me and i will forward it to her.

the next story is very short. Bob S. tells a tale that smacks of an urban ledgend, but he swears it to be the truth. He swears that while driving his cab by the local city cemetery(he won't reveal the city) he saw a young lady hailing down his cab. He stopped and asked where she wanted to go....she said to drive her to Charlies Bar and Grill. He thought it was an awful rough side of town for such a young  girl to be wanting a ride to, but said nothing. A few minutes later he looked up in his mirror and there he swears he saw a skeleton seated in his back seat!! He pulled over to the side of he road and looked again and no one was there. The skeleton, the young lady, neither one was there. Like I say, this certainly sounds like those good old fashioned urban ledgends, but I decided since there were very few good stories for halloween given to me, I'd print it anyway.

Okay now for my Halloween story. This was given to me by two young girls who are about 11 or 12. They tell the tale of Halloween last year. After they went out for trick or treats they had a sleepover with a few of their friends. Around midnight the girls were getting kind of hungry and decided to walk out to the family's garage quite aways behind the house. They were going to get a couple of frozen pizzas out of the freezer in the garage. There were about 5 of them altoghter and they felt safe on this late Halloween night. When they got to the garage and went to turn on the light the bulb had burned out. They didn't bring a flashlight but figured they could get to the freezer without one. While they were walking to the back of the garage three of them screamed that something had grabbed their ankle!! They turned and ran screaming into the house. Dad of course had to go out and check forintruders and retreive the pizzas. He found nothing unusual, and told them they were imagining things. Well, they didn't think so, but, there was nothing in the garage.